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A beautiful wine ceremony for Rod and Chris

Like good wine, a great love will deepen and mature with age. As part of their ceremony, Chris and Rod wrote a letter to each other. These letters describe the qualities they admire in one another, why they fell in love and their dreams for the future. They encapsulate the romance and sense of hope that they’re both feeling at this special time in the relationship.

The letters have been sealed in individual envelopes and neither has seen what the other has written. They chose a bottle of Chateau neuf de Pape which is a French wine very significant to them as they always buy a bottle for special occasions. The cork on the bottle was a Norweigan troll that they purchased on their travels and the glasses they purchased in Tallinn during the time they went to the Eurovision song contest.

Chris and Rod put their letters in this beautifully engraved box and it was sealed.

It will remain that way until their 10th wedding anniversary. On that happy day in 2029 they will get to reminisce on the events that were shared and all that they felt on this day, as well as all the wonderful memories they will have made over the past ten years, and dream of all of those yet to come!

Contact me about ideas to make your ceremony more memorable and special. Thank you Rod and Chris for sharing your special day with me.

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