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Do you travel for weddings?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

I get asked a lot if I will travel to a wedding. Well thanks to my other half "Ooola the kombi" I can usually get to most destinations and have my own accommodation when I get there.

Jane and James asked me to travel to Avonside near the Snowy Mountains in NSW and I thought I would take advantage of the scenery and venture through the National park. Little did I know how scary it would be but also how amazingly beautiful this part of Australia is.

When I saw the sign saying not suitable for caravans and semi trailers I didn't think that included Kombis, right? Needless to say it was quite an experience!!! Buckle up and enjoy the ride as I share 5 mins of my adventures.....aye do weddings and aye do travel!

So yes I do travel for weddings and the rest of the year is going to take me to Victoria, Yarra Valley and Philip island as well as Ettalong, Wyong, Sydney and Port Macquarie. There are even ways I can do an overseas wedding if you are interested talk to me.

Check out my website for more details www.aye-do-weddings.com.au

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