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The perfect backyard wedding in Melbourne (19/9/19)

Last year I posted on Facebook that I was offering a free wedding to a lucky couple on 19/9/19 (because I love sequential numbers and thought it would be nice to share the love)

Michelle from Melbourne got in touch and told me about how she had been saving up to get married for a while now and wasn't sure when it would happen. I decided to offer her and her partner Jason the free wedding and they were lucky enough to have a great backyard at her parents home which was the perfect location for their simple Australian wedding. It was a lovely night, photographs taken by their friend Sara and the kids had a ball too as you will see from the video that I put together for them. Congratulations Michelle and Jason and thank you to you and your family for making me feel so welcome.

"We had a very simple wedding ceremony last night and Shona was brilliant, so friendly, which helped make everyone feel at ease and relax. She knew what we wanted and delivered it perfectly. Our night couldn't have gone better. Thank you Shona from Mr and Mrs Carr😀"

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