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Ronnie and Kaz married at Ettalong Diggers

I am lucky to live in one of the most picturesque parts of the Central coast. Ettalong has less than 5000 population but is very popular in the summer with tourists coming up from Sydney for a weekend away.

Did you know Ettalong is an aboriginal word meaning “place for drinking”? It was named as such because fresh water was available from a hole submerged in sand close to shore. Early crews would stop in this town to get water from that hole. Nowadays we are more likely to stop at the Ettalong hotel which is where I first met Kaz and Ronnie at our local drinking hole.

The Ettalong diggers hosted their special day with a lovely ceremony followed by drinks and dancing.

Looking forward to getting back to the local to catch up with all our friends soon.

Congrats Ronnie and Kaz it was a pleasure to be your celebrant!

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